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cirkel-54  Gerard ’t Hart is born 1933 at The Hague Netherlands.

Gerard ‘t Hart (1933) is a traveller in the purest sense of the word; a traveller exploring unknown regions and other cultures in order to experience the essence of other worlds, an adventure resulting in a search of one’s own soul, one’s own emotions. In his studio in The Hague, surrounded by souvenirs from his travels,impressions and emotions find their river-bed towards his colourful, dynamic, semi-abstract paintings.

Being educated at the Vrije Academie in The Hague, Gerard ‘t Hart became internationally renowned for his paper-paintings, providing him with a distinguished spot in modern art.

Through his paper-paintings he manages to touch the specator with the power of unique colour schemes, both depth and rythm of the composition and a monumental structure, which enables application of the technique for wall-lining and threedimensional architecture, like the inner court of the Evertshuis. His “statue-books” drew general attention in the world of art.

Besides paper-paintings Gerard also produces crayon-drawings and paintings in acryl and oil-paint, in which he expresses himself less abstract, but loose and more direct.

Buddhist monestaries, Hinduistic temple festivities, Native American ceremonial dances; in the way that Gerard ‘t Hart has put them on canvas, they have become monuments in their own right, erected to honour the other culture, for the magnitude of the landscapes en the mysticism of the rituals.